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Mav Club

Mav Club Mission

The Mav Club’s purpose is to support all 20 athletic programs and the student athletes of McCutcheon High School. Our goals are to: increase school spirit and sportsmanship among students, faculty, staff, administration, parents, and the community at large, and; work cooperatively with the athletic department, school administration, and student athletes to help provide the equipment necessary to compete at the highest levels, and graduate with the best possible experience.

Mav Club Officers 2018-2019

    • President - Jason Huycke (

    • Vice President - Sandi Herring (

    • Secretary - Marta Crowe
    • Treasurer - Jen Farley
    • Past President - Leo Hertling
    • Director of Concessions - Karmen Redinbo & Kelly Morehouse (
    • Webmaster/Communications Director - Sue Scott