IHSAA leaders bond with younger students
IHSAA leaders bond with younger students

At 6 feet 4 inches, Cameron Wheeler is certainly someone to look up to — especially in the halls of Mayflower Mill Elementary School. That is where the McCutcheon High School senior and soccer standout serves as a member of the Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) leadership group.

Each sport, from swimming to golf, has a representative in the program. Once a month, the IHSAA leadership reps visit six elementary schools to assist students and teachers. They help read, work on math problems, grade papers and more.

"I enjoy having this leadership role and being someone for the elementary kids to look up to," says Cameron. "I love how excited the kids get when you come visit and that you may have just made someone's day."

Senior basketball player Madi Rooze also helps at Mayflower Mill. "Being a role model for young kids is important to me," says Madi. "I think being a rep can benefit the schools, teachers and students because they can rely on us to set good examples."

Mintonye teacher Lori Frauhiger says IHSAA reps organize small reading or math groups, play games with the students at recess and supervise learning games in the classroom. "Often they have worked with individual students who need encouragement and a positive role model," says Frauhiger. "My students have always loved the high school reps and look forward to their visits."

McCutcheon Athletic Director Ryan Walden says the program is very rewarding for the student athletes, as well as the students they have an opportunity to enact with. "All of our elementary students need positive high school role models to look up to and learn from," says Walden. "We encourage our leaders to let the younger students see the characteristics they possess that allows them to be successful on and off the field. Our hope is that the students learn from our student leaders and develop those same characteristics, so they can be successful as well."