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August 2019

Choir Notes (August 2019)

April 2019

Choir Notes (April 2019)

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February 2019

Choir Notes

November 2018

Happy November soon to be December!

Here are some things you will want to know!


  • Tues. 11/13 COOKIE DOUGH! Cookie dough comes in and will be ready to be picked up from 2:30-5PM in the choir room. It MUST be picked up during these hours so please make arrangements for pick up and delivered or stored. It must be at least refrigerated!
  • Solo and Ensemble- Payment is due by 11/16 in order to participate. This is encourage for students as it helps personal singing growth!


Accompaniment fees are also required if we are providing the pianist.


(Required for Seda Voca & Jazz. Please pay the ensemble fee only- no accompaniment fee.)

All students going need to fill out the S&E form on our web page! (exception-Seda & Jazz ensembles)

  • 11/13 and 11/14 Holiday Concert Specials Auditions
  • 11/19 Holiday Show Tickets Go on Sale to student families https://www.ticketracker.com/store?schoolId=1361
  • 11/26 Tickets on sale to general public
  • Tues. 12/4 Parent Help 4-6PM we will be hanging the backdrop pieces and could use a few adults!
  • Wed. 12/5 Men’s choir rehearsal 2:40-3:15PM
  • Wed. 12/5 Specials rehearsal (by audition) 3:15-4:00PM
  • Thurs. 12/6 EVERY CHOIR REQUIRED REHEARSAL 2:30-6:00PM Choirs will be released as they finish their portion.
  • Friday and Saturday 12/7 & 12/8 REQUIRED PERFORMANCES!

Ticketed event with assigned seating

  • Choir finals 12/18- 12/21 All students have a choir semester final.


For Holiday Concerts (individual choirs)

  • Freshmen Choir- red, white, or red and white tops (Plain-no words or pictures) with Jeans (no holes) will decided Shoes (if there is a question if a shirt will work please have them bring it in)
  • Concert Choir- grey, black or grey and back (Plain-no words or picture) with jeans (no holes) black shoes (no tall boots) (if there is a question if a shirt will work please have them bring it in)
  • Sweets - sweater (need to purchase here) https://www.ticketracker.com/store/category?schoolId=1775&catalogCategoryId=7770

medium to dark wash jeans (no holes) and brown or black low boots

(Beginning tomorrow)

Encore boys- Dress shirt (need to purchase from us- TBA)

  • Mens Choir- outfit TBA
ALL choirs need their formal wear for the concerts as well. It must be brought to both Holiday concerts!
(don’t forget that shoes are often not the same so don’t forget to bring the formal ones!)

If you have any questions please fell free to email or give us a call!
Mr. Gobrogge and Mrs. Kincanon

September 2018

Happy Friday!

Just a few reminders

  • Freshmen, Concert, Sweets and Jazz choirs…. Please be sure to purchase the fall concert t-shirt. This is due by Thursday, 10/4


  • Concert Choir and Encore Men… please be sure they have it or have purchased your concert dress shirt! (and tie..CC)

  • Encore, Seda Voca and Jazz Women… please be sure they have paid for any tights and spanks that we have ordered for you! (check email to student from Mr. Gobrogge for exact price)

  • Encore and Seda Voca...be sure to have what costuming is needed for Wed. (10/3) Mandatory Dress rehearsal after school!

  • Cookie Dough Sale! Everyone must participate! Please sell as much as possible as this is the main way we purchase music and the “extras” for our concerts! Due Wed. Oct 3rd! (money is due with the order)

  • NEW!!!! EXTENSION! We found out we can give our final number to the Nelson’s Chicken on Monday morning! We have a few extra days to sell! Please help out by purchasing chicken and encouraging other too!


  • For chicken dinner donations we can probably get by with most of what has signed up for BUT I think we still need water! If you could still donate to cases for water that would be wonderful!


We are excited about the upcoming concert! Oct 8th at 7PM and it is FREE! It will be highly attended so plan accordingly! (We have a surprise for you!!!!)

Just a reminder that the concert on Oct 10th is for the south side 8th graders. The HS choirs that need to be at that concert are only Encore, Seda Voca and Jazz. (It begins at 6PM)

See you soon!

Mrs. Kincanon and Mr. Gobrogge

August 2018

Cut Time

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Choir Handbook

Volunteer Information Sheet

Outfit Accesories

The following are different accessory items needed for performances with Encore, Seda Voca & Jazz. Please be aware that some items (Tights & Spanks) are ordered in class and these are to be used as any extra need arises. Please feel free to email either director with any purchasing questions.

Discount Dance Teacher Code: TP101813

Character Shoes

Encore, Seda Voca, & Jazz

Discount Dance

"Baby Louis" 1.5" Character Shoe (Style #T3100)

Encore & Jazz - Black

Seda Voca - Caramel


Encore, Seda Voca, & Jazz

Discount Dance

Adult Footed Tights

Average Color - Suntan


Encore, Seda Voca, & Jazz

Cheerleading Company

Boy Cut Briefs

Encore & Jazz - Black

Seda Voca - Red