Tippecanoe School Corporation


Southside Rhythm (Freshman)

This choir is made up of all freshman and is co-directed by Mr. Gobrogge and Mrs. Kincanon. Students in this choir sing at all performances.

Concert Choir (Freshman - Seniors)

Concert Choir is a mixed choir that ranges from 60-75 members. Co-directed by Mr. Gobrogge and Mrs. Kincanon, this choir performs at all shows throughout the school year.

Sweet Inspirations (Freshman - Seniors)

An all female choir, Sweet Inspirations ranges from 35-45 students. Students in this choir perform at every concert.

After Hours Men’s Choir (Freshman - Seniors)

The newest group at MHS, After Hours meets after school 2-3 times a week. They perform at every show and attend the Purdue Men’s Choral Festival.

Jazz (Sophomores - Seniors)*

Jazz consists of anywhere from 14 to 20 female vocalists. They perform at every concert along with outside performances for both the community and the school.

Encore (Sophomores - Seniors)*

One of the top choirs at MHS, Encore is a mixed choir that ranges from 35 to 45 singers. Directed by Mr. Gobrogge, Encore performs not only at every show, but they travel and sing for the community, including National Anthem performances at athletic events.

Seda Voca (Sophomores - Seniors)*

One of the top choirs at MHS, Seda Voca is an all-female choir that averages 26 vocalists every year. Directed by Mrs. Kincanon, Seda Voca performs at every show along with singing the National Anthem at games, community performances and traveling.


*Auditioned only