Tippecanoe School Corporation

Go Green Team

Club President

Jade McGirt

Club Sponsors

Brad Montes

Brad Montes

Scott Platt

Scott Platt

To join MHS Go Green Team you need to complete an application.

The Go Green Team conceives that the flora, fauna, and other outdoor resources have a permanent place in American culture. We believe in conservative, preservative, and sound ecological use. We believe that public programs to enhance the esthetic, recreational and economic values of these indoor/outdoor resources should be a part of our living standard. We recognize the close interdependence of renewable resources and the need for coordinated management.

Promote an interest in sound ecological practices in and outside of McCutcheon High School. Maintain the recycling program and the connection to the STARS program supported by SIA. Maintain the National Wildlife Federation Schoolyard Habitat. Participate in TSC recycling efforts. Practice good stewardship both at McCutcheon, in the community and at home.

Monthly meetings (business and informational); daily recycling paper-office and newspaper- plastic, aluminum); promotion for recycling for staff and teachers; community participation with SIA and Keep Stockwell Beautiful; fund raiser through recycling cartridges and cell phones.

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