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Maverick Launch Center

Maverick Launch is a program designed to benefit a diverse group of students in need of a smooth transition from middle school to high school. This goal is accomplished through select students receiving extra help in math and English in a smaller, caring environment proven to show great gains. Students accepted into the Launch Program are afforded a “small school” experience. We strive to create a family-like environment, where each student is well-known by all teachers in the Maverick Launch Building (MLB). While many typical classrooms can have 30 or more students, each MLB class consists of only 15-20 students. Our small size gives our teachers more opportunities for one-on-one instruction throughout the school day. Courses in Maverick Launch follow the same rigorous curriculum as those in McCutcheon High School. Due to the importance of math and English, especially considering Indiana’s focus on readying students for college and/or their future careers, students’ MLB schedule is structured to include a “double dose” of these core subjects. This gives students the extra reinforcement necessary for success in these subject areas. This also allows them to potentially earn two extra elective credits, giving them the ability to pursue other opportunities later in their high school careers.

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