Tippecanoe School Corporation

2018 Summer School

The Tippecanoe School Corporation will be offering summer school opportunities during the summer months of 2018. TSC is excited to offer online versions of US Government, Health, U.S. History, Geography and History of the World and Economics. These courses are completely held online with the final exam being held at the school building.

  • Virtual classes: June 4th through July 16th
  • Session 1: June 4th through June 22nd
  • Session 2: June 25th through July 16th, with the exception of July 4th, as a day off.
  • Session 1 and session 2 classes will meet from 7:30 am - 12:30 pm.
  • If a student wishes to enroll in Cosmetology, he/she must see his/her counselor for arrangements.
  • Transportation to summer school is the student’s responsibility.
  • The Tippecanoe School Corporation Rights, Rules and Responsibilities are in effect throughout the sessions.
  • The summer school attendance policy requires a student to be in class 70 of the 75 hours. Therefore, a student may miss one day of a three week session. In addition to the one day (five hours) a student may miss one additional day for an activity, if the activity relates to the summer school class. Second day absences must have prior approval from the building principal.

  • To register for class, please complete the form .
  • We will NOT accept late registration unless authorized by the administration due to makeup courses. FEES ARE NOT REFUNDABLE