Tippecanoe School Corporation


McCutcheon High School is a comprehensive secondary school. The needs of each student are considered when offering an educational program. This guide is to inform students and parents of the requirements and the opportunities available within the curriculum of the Tippecanoe School Corporation. The descriptions are meant to be brief. More complete information and course outlines may be obtained from the school's counseling department.

The Counseling Department would like to work with students, parents, and faculty in planning each student’s course of study, although the primary responsibility for selecting courses must be taken by the student and his/her parents. Students will be aided through counseling as to what is available, what is required, and the possible outcomes of different choices. However, the actual choices are left to the student. If college bound, the student may wish to consult with his/her college choice for proper high school preparation classes.

The Tippecanoe School Corporation has adopted a schedule to allow secondary students the opportunity to experience a wider variety of courses. It is our intent that students be enrolled in either six or seven classes. Please select no more than one study hall per semester. Students and parents should give serious consideration to the selection of courses. Students will be expected to take those classes in the fall, which they select during registration.

This guide includes all courses approved by the Board of School Trustees of the Tippecanoe School Corporation. These courses are offered on the basis of student interest and staff availability.

Computer technology enables scheduling of each semester independently. This reshuffling of the course offerings each semester makes it possible for more students to fit more electives around the required two semester courses.

Note: $- The ($) symbol indicates a miscellaneous fee associated with this course. Fees are reviewed and approved each year. Please contact the school administration for information regarding the specific fees.