Tippecanoe School Corporation

Our Mission

The McCutcheon High School motto is “Mind, Heart, Spirit” which is based upon our school’s initials. We try hard to intertwine that motto within our day to day lives.

The MIND of the students is challenged daily with the wide variety of classes and opportunities McCutcheon has to offer. The advanced studies building is well equipped to handle the many AP/Honors classes. The freshmen center offers an opportunity for incoming 9th graders to start their high school careers in a positive way. Each year during the registration process, over 1800 students are encouraged by teachers and counselors to take classes that fit their ability and match their future plans.

The HEART of McCutcheon manifests itself in the array of extracurricular activities available to students The school is unique in that over twenty different clubs are offered for students’ participation during the day, as well as after school. Over 600 students are involved in these groups learning how to balance their experiences socially while also helping the community, finding out about other cultures, judging for national competitions, and competing against other academic teams to name a few. Some of our clubs include:

International ClubGay/Straight Alliance
Fellowship of Christian AthleteNational Honor Society
FFAHistory Club
French ClubSpanish Club
Volunteer ClubBullying/Diversity Club (FOR)
RoboticsFashion Club
Go Green Team (recycling)Spell Bowl
Academic Super BowlSpeech Team
Science OlympiadAuto
Student Council

The SPIRIT plays a pivotal role in the lives of the McCutcheon society and is proven by the attendance at various events. Repeatedly the cheer sections win “best” in the county for football and basketball, and these sections are also supported by the “best” pep band in the county. Musical and drama events are attended by the hundreds both by students and community members. Students and teachers actively participate in Spirit Days at school supporting a particular club or sporting event, and the pep sessions are enjoyed by all with administrators, teachers and students all participating.We are proud that Mind, Heart, and Spirit influences the lives of McCutcheon.