Tippecanoe School Corporation

Our Mission

The McCutcheon High School mission is “Mind, Heart, Spirit."  We incorporate this mission into our daily  lives and school culture.  Though the definition of "Mind, Heart, Spirit" is unique to each person, certain components create the mission of McCutcheon.

MIND =  Every Maverick is expected to reach their academic potential through learning and teaching.  Courses of every achievement level are offered at MHS in every discipline.

HEART = Mavericks show compassion and make connections with each other to build our community.  This happens in the classrooms, through clubs, athletics, and extracurricular activities.

SPIRIT =  Mavericks have pride in their school community by uplifting and celebrating others.  Student sections, attendance at performances, and encouraging our community makes Mavs supporting Mavs one of the best assets of McCutcheon High School.