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McCutcheon students participate in Just One Night
McCutcheon students participate in Just One Night

The Good Decision Makers Club at McCutcheon High School, with the help of local police, fire and other organizations, created a mock crash scene to help students understand the real dangers of impaired or distracted driving. The Just One Night program stressed to students just how one night, one moment and one decision could possibly end or injure someone's life, or seriously harm yourself.

Club sponsor and teacher Laila Wilson says the scenario involved students leaving for prom when a truck and car collide. One of the drivers is under the influence of alcohol. "Everyone makes decisions, good and bad," Wilson says. "This program brings to life how one bad decision, made by anyone, could cause an emotional and unforeseen consequence."

Good Decision Makers Club member Megan Merryman says the scene evoked an emotional response from many of the students watching the scene unfold. "The result of this crash resonated with students and faculty and helped to bring awareness to the reality that one night of fun can turn into a night of disaster," says Megan. "It surprised me that even when I knew what to expect, I was shocked and impacted greatly by the emotion of the scene."