Tippecanoe School Corporation
Opportunity to host cultural exchange students
Ed Tilley

Each year, the Program for Academic Exchange (PAX) brings 1,000 teenagers selected from 70 countries to the U.S. for an academic year. McCutcheon High School would like to participate in this wonderful opportunity for academic cultural exchange. We need your help for the next step—finding host families.

PAX students are exceptional students who are selected based on motivation to learn about America and to share their own country's culture. They provide fresh perspectives that enrich the learning experience of their peers and both their home and American school, family and community gain an appreciation for another country and culture.

Whether they are from Europe, Asia or Africa these amazing young people share a common goal: they want to experience and better understand America by participating in real-life activities as a student and family member.

Where will the exchange students be from? You can decide. The host family gets to select the student and can choose one that shares common interests with their family or hails from a country they would like to learn more about or someday visit. Often exchange students and their hosts form close lifelong relationships and become truly family.

Your America becomes their America. If you or someone you know would be interested in inviting an international student into your family and helping McCutcheon high school and our local community participate in this enriching program, please contact PAX community coordinator, Kelly Santy at (765) 572-2334. kdsanty@gmail.com

PAX is also a sending organization with exciting opportunities all over the world for students who are interested in becoming exchange students themselves!

The link below is a PAX endorsement from five-time figure skating gold medalist and senior State Dept. Advisor Michelle Kwan.