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Spell Bowl Team Places 5th at State!
Kerry Yoder

Congratulations to the Spell Bowl team on an amazing season and Fifth place State finish! Sarah Vaught spelled perfectly (9/9) for the third straight year at the State meet, while Shelby Sliger and sophomore rookie Izzy Beeler also earned the purple Perfect speller ribbons. Dakota Griswold and Jamie Brooks, previously a JV Speller, earned pink Near-perfect ribbons for only missing one word each. Sylvia Shaffer, Eliska Whited, and Abbey Benham all went 7/9 while Elley Adkins spelled 6 and Lydia Shaffer scored 5. With a final score of a State-high 75, the Mavericks surpassed 9 other Class 1 schools. Way to go, Maverick Spell Bowl team!

Spell Bowl Team Pic