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Kerry Yoder

I am from Lafayette. I have an older sister and brother and a younger sister, mom and dad. We are very close and spend several days a week together! My 8 nieces and nephews bring me so much joy! I come from a family full of teachers! Happy to follow in their footsteps. 

I went to Harrison High School and then earned my undergrad in Fine Arts at Purdue. I taught art in New Orleans before moving back home last summer. 

I teach because I didn't always love school. Every subject didn't come naturally to me and I had to spend a lot of time figuring things out for myself. I gravitated towards the teachers that really helped me understand things and explained things in helpful ways. I wanted to be that for kids who didn't naturally grasp things. I hated asking for help, so I try to offer help often. I like coming up with ways to help kids remember things! I teach FACS because when I taught in New Orleans, my kids could have used these classes. They desperately needed life skills like making nutritious meals, creating a budget, or raising a healthy family, but didn't have access. This subject allows bridges to every other subject, every area of life and offers success to students who might not have someone teaching them these things otherwise.

My favorite memory as a teacher would be my time spent with a student in New Orleans who had some disabilities and was almost nonverbal. She loved art and would light up seeing me coming to her class because she knew she'd get to create! I specifically remember making slime with her after class one day and she was just so excited and expressive! She had outbursts at school and was often frustrated. So to see her light up about art warmed my heart and I'll never forget her.

I love listening to podcasts about true crime! I am a forever learner- I love fun facts and learning new things about unusual topics. I enjoy being outside hiking, running, yoga or relaxing, painting and drawing, watching movies, boxing, spending time with family and friends, and taking naps.